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Big Bend National Park: Seeing is Believing


I was sitting shotgun in our red Land Rover, scraping along a deserted dusty mountain trail, when my friend asked me, “dude, how are you going to describe this place in words?”… I simply answered, “you gotta see it.”

Cañón de Santa Elena, along the Mexico border

After an hour of staring at a blank screen, tapping my fingers along the keyboard, I decided that the best way I could convey my point would be through photography. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this may be my longest post ever. My friend Travis Bryan in Alpine, Texas is an amazing photographer and frequent Big Bend explorer. His spectacular photographs really give you a sense of the sheer magnitude and beauty of the park.

View from an empty window (Travis Bryan)

Golden Eagle Soaring (photo: Travis Bryan)

National Parks don’t allow hunting, so the animals roam freely across the park. Travis was able to snap some pics of assorted wildlife as he hiked up Emory Peak.

Mountain Goat Hanging Out (Photo: Travis Bryan)

Getting the adrenaline flowing... (Photo: Travis Bryan)

801,163 acres of wilderness and hardly any tourists allot you an incredible amount of freedom… you can climb, jump, slide or hike wherever you want… imagine a world without crowds…


Heading towards Mexico...

Driving through the park is spectacular… the speed limits are 45mph, but you can spot a Park Ranger from a few miles away (radar detectors are LEGAL *hint hint*). The roads curve along for miles with no end in sight, twisting along mountains, crossing dusty deserts and dipping into the muddy waters of the Rio Grande. I could have easily spent a few days just cruising around the mountains, windows down, music up, and pedal on the floor.

Shotgun snapshot

Emory Peak (Photo: Travis Bryan)

Desert (Photo: Travis Bryan)

Sunset in the valley (Photo: Travis Bryan)

Seeing is believing when it comes to Big Bend… so if you like what you see, get out there and see if for yourself!

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