It’s been a while

So I forgot to set my alarm clock and accidentally overslept… by 4 years. Now I’m wide awake, had a few dozen cups of coffee, visited dozens of new cities and logged about 6 digits of miles.

More to come soon, but for the meantime I’ll leave you with a photo of one of my new favorite cities – Lisbon, Portugal.

View from the Santa Justa Elevator

View from the Santa Justa Elevator


Photo of the week: Lonesome Hunter


Even when he’s out hunting in the middle of the Texas brush, ChronicWanderlust contributor Jacob Pelham somehow finds time to take awesome pictures. If you’ve never been in the middle of the desert at night, you haven’t truly seen the stars.

"The Night Shift" by Jacob Pelham

Photo of the Week: Amsterdam


Dutch is such an easy language to learn… it just rolls right off your tongue in a delicate and beautiful way. Street signs are straight-forward and easy to understant. I could sit all day and listen to gentle whispers of sweet nothings in Dutch. NOT! I found myself getting lost quite a bit my first few days in the country because I simply had no clue what the signs meant. In Israel, you begin to remember the different symbols for things like EXIT and RESTROOM, but in Holland, good luck with that. At least most of their signs have translations.

The Great American Dine Out


All of us have at one time or another experienced hunger. We’ve all craved a midnight snack, wanted something salty or needed some chocolate. But there’s a big difference between trying to satisfy a brief craving or stomach growl and wondering where your next meal will come from.

All of the my wonderful ChronicWanderlust followers know that I rarely endorse anything other than my love of travel. But, I feel that you should all know about a charity that really means a lot to me – Share Our Strength.

Click the banner to learn more about the Great American Dine Out

The reality is that nearly 17 million children in America—that’s almost one in four—face hunger. And it’s likely that these children will endure lifelong consequences as a result of having limited access to nutritious foods.

Funds raised through the Great American Dine Out support No Kid Hungry™, Share Our Strength’s campaign to end childhood hunger in America by 2015. The battle won’t be easy, but it is simple for you to help make a difference.

All you have to do is go out to eat… easy, huh? Restaurants all over the country from fancy white tablecloth destinations to little taco joints are going to be donating a portion of their proceeds to Share Our Strength all next week. A quick Google search for my zip code showed 75 participating restaurants within 3 miles of my house in D.C.

The best part of this (other than helping children get food!) is that most of these restaurants will be giving you an extra incentive to donate – like free food! At Corner Bakery, a $1 donation gets you a free whoopie pie. If you grab dinner at Boston Market, you can donate a dollar and get a coupon for a free side dish on your next visit. Not too shabby, aye?

The more you dine out this September 19-25, the closer we get to making sure no child in America grows up hungry… So get out there and EAT!

Photo of the day: Ketchican, Alaska


This ain’t no zoo folks… Lacey Jacobson snapped this photo with her cell phone during an excursion in Ketchican, Alaska. I think she was just as surprised as the bear was. I got this picture as a text message in the middle of the afternoon and couldn’t resist sharing it with the world. Bravo Lacey.

Photo of the Week: Big Tex


This photo of Big Tex was taken by ChronicWanderlust contributor James Pritchard at the Texas State Fair. He welcomes people as they enter the Fair Grounds. This was taken Saturday 17 Oct 2009 during the Red River Shootout football game of Oklahoma vs Texas.

Photo: James Pritchard

Fresh off the press: Updated travel photo section!


That’s right folks, the travel photo gallery has been updated with all the best pics on Chronic Wanderlust… Check’em out!

Beautiful roads in Big Bend, Texas

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