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Gear Review: The Burton Sleeper Hoodie

Inspector Gadget-inspired sweat shirt is a perfect fit for long haul flights.

What do you get when you combine a sweat shirt and an inflatable pillow? The Burton Sleeper Hoodie. Sure, it sounds a little awkward, but this hoodie is stylish and useful.

I stumbled across the sleeper hoodie on another travel blog and thought, “hmm, this could be cool”. I browsed around online and ended up buying one for an upcoming intercontinental flight.

So what’s the big deal? Burton designed this hoodie with the long distance traveler in mind. It stealthily conceals many of your travel needs, preventing you from wandering Europe wearing a safari vest.

The Skinny
 Contoured Design Light Shield
 Custom Sound Pocket with Headphone Cable Port
 Custom Zipper Pull and Eyelets
 Internal Label for Travel Log
 Internal Passport Pocket and Ticket Pocket with Zip Closure
 Mesh Lining
 Removable, Inflatable Neck Pillow
 Signature Fit
 Ventilation Underarm Holes and Thumb Holes at Cuff
 100% Cotton

In Detail

To start, the hoodie is soft, yet heavy weight cotton with a nylon mesh interior. It’s designed to keep you warm, but the nylon mesh and underarm zippers allow you to regulate your temperature.

The built-in pillow is great. It sounds corny, but it actually IS comfortable and very useful. Inflated through a valve in the hood, the pillow isn’t a full U shape, but it goes far enough around your neck to do the trick. There is also a fold-down eye cover, which is a piece of thin black mesh lining in the hood. It works in theory, but the mesh is too light, so it doesn’t fully block out all the ambient light. However, it is a good way to tell the flight attendants, “I don’t want breakfast!”

Burton put a lot of design into the pockets on this hoodie. There is an inner “passport and ticket” pocket which has a zipper. It is not only convenient, but takes away from the chance of being pick-pocketed. Both of the front pockets zipper closed as well, and feature a hole to slide your iPod headphones through.

Worth it?

Yes. It’s a bit expensive… but the average hoodie is about $50-75 and an inflatable pillow is usually $10-20, so it kind of evens out. It looks cool, it’s highly functional and it made my last transatlantic flight a lot easier.

Where can I get it?

Burton.com – $100 plus shipping.

Eternal Snow – $89.95 plus shipping

Modern Ski & Skate – $99 plus shipping


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